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Transform and beautify your outdoor living spaces with Rock Solid Imports natural stone pavers!

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Natural Stone Pavers

RSI paver collection features premium quality natural stone pavers in a wide variety of beautiful colors, sizes, patterns, and finishes; making them the idea product for front porch, patio, spa, driveway, and pool decks. Additionally, we offer color matching pool copings, wall caps, tiles and slabs, that provide a smooth cohesive look.  Our collection offers function, value and timeless appeal creating the perfect setting for outdoor gatherings and a lifetime of cherished family memories

Rock Solid Imports natural stone pavers provide durability, real value, and timeless appeal to your outdoor living space!

Coral & Shell Fossils

Coral stone pavers are unique due to their fossil and keystone that consists of coral and shell fossils, coral, sand, as well as limestone. This distinctive material is strengthened by nature to survive a number of climate extremes, saltwater, pool chemicals, and heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for pool decking and coping. Virtually non-slip, coral stone also absorbs only a minimum of heat and is easily maintained. Although commonly used in the tropics, coral stone can be enjoyed elsewhere, including in settings that experience a freeze/thaw cycle.



Marble Pavers have the capacity of withstanding extreme cold conditions as it is made from Natural Stone and also multiple freeze cycles. Marble pavers also have a higher degree of resilience and durability in extreme conditions than concrete, brick or other outdoor paving alternatives. This elegant material comes in wide-ranging colors, patterns, and shapes and can be honed, tumbled, or polished to perfection. Marble pavers seldom crack and withstand extreme heat providing a satisfying walking surface for bare feet. Marble is ideal choice for pool decks, patios, and outdoor fireplaces.


Bluestone Pavers

While bluestone is traditionally available in blue-gray, different shades of colors are available. You may choose from natural cleft and thermal finishes and have this material used in pool decks, patios, walkways, and gardens. They are easily installed, they come in many shapes and sizes and they are very cost effective. Their toughness and long lasting textures are also main advantages.


Limestone Pavers

Limestone is one of the world’s go-to building materials and great choice for pool decks and patios. Limestone is both durable and beautiful, the warm earthy blues, browns, creams, and gray colors. Limestone provides function and style to any interior and exterior building applications making them the ideal choice for trade professionals and designers. Limestone can tolerate extreme weather changes and hold up against continuous use providing lifetime of value and beauty.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers is one of the more popular materials for building luxury pool decks. This material’s reputation for being hard-wearing yet beautiful has been known since ancient times. Today, the material is in as much demand as ever, especially with landscape and swimming contractors, designers, and homeowners who have come to depend on this material’s porous nature and tendency to remain cool to the touch. Because travertine typically absorbs water instantly, decks made of it are virtually slip-free. Plus, it can handle all types of weather conditions, including freeze/thaw. Travertine usually comes in ivory, light brown, brown and gold. Rich and luxurious in look and feel, pool designers will generally choose this material for artistic settings. Travertine is commonly found in one of three finishes: tumbled (textured and porous), honed (smooth and matte), and polished (smooth and shiny).Travertine pavers also require very minimal maintenance efforts and cost considerably lower than other paving materials. Travertine is an excellent material that provides durability, function and lasting visual appeal.


Granite pavers are one of the hardest natural stones, which is why pool designers select it when looking for a consistent look that can stand the test of time. Granite pavers come in wide variety of colors including white, gray, yellow, mauve, pink, crimson, black, and other hues. You can also choose from various finishes to suit your specific aesthetic taste and needs – thermal, polished, honed, tumbled and other textures. Granite is popular choice for patios and is perfect for pool designs with a wide variety of colors, durability and flamed finish. Although granite can be costly as compared to other paving solutions, the benefits that you can enjoy for decades can well compensate for its price. Add to that the ease in maintenance and you have a truly valuable paving solution. Hence, it is the material of choice for anyone who wants a structure that remains intact for a lifetime.


Sandstone pavers are made up of sedimentary rocks that have been cemented together to create a durable and long lasting paver. While you may have concerns that sandstone could chip and break the superior construction methods used ensure that sandstone pavers resist decay even in outdoor settings. Sandstone pavers offer a truly unique feel under your feet that’s not replicated by any other style of tile and with the natural variations in each paver it’s one of the best ways to create a unique look for your home.



Flagstone pavers are some of the most preferred and used paving materials by contractors, stonemasons, builders, architects, and DIY enthusiasts. They are typically derived from various natural stones such as slate, bluestone, quartzite, limestone, or sandstone and are formed by cutting them into slabs. The variation in color makes flagstone pavers very ideal for custom hardscaping projects. Being made of natural stones, every flagstone paver has a unique color that does not fade. Some of the most common flagstone colors include red, brown, and blue. Other color options are moss green, charcoal grey, sand, and brownstone.

Advantages of Rock Solid Imports Natural Stone Pavers

Timeless Appeal

Beautiful variety of natural colors that never go out of style

Colors that don't fade

Style & Function

Color matching wall caps, stair treads, bullnose pool copings

Wide variety of sizes, colors and finishes

Enduring Value

Stone pavers are the standard you can look to for durability.

Increased property value

Family Memories

Inviting outdoor living spaces perfect for family gatherings

Things that matter most

RSI Natural Stone Paver Collection

Transform and beautify your outdoor living spaces with Rock Solid Imports marble pavers!

With multiple individual sizes to our unique large and small french patterns our premium grade travertine paver offers durability, function and timeless appeal. RSI premium grade travertine paver is available in numerous sizes and finishes, making them ideal product for front porch, patio, spa and pool. Color matching copings offer a smooth cohesive look or added contrasting design element.

Antique Silver

Antique marble natural stone pavers feature cool to the touch, slip resistant surface finish. Antique marble comes in various sizes and patterns. Antique grey with beautiful natural veins of color and appealing variation provides beauty, function and timeless appeal for any swimming pool, patio project or porch.

Crema Marble

Noce Travertine

Egyptian Gold

Cappuccino Marble

Granite Pavers

Gold Limestone

Carrera Marble

Walnut Travertine

Ocean Blend

Sandstone Pavers

Scabos/Gold Blend


Ivory Antique

New Philly

Client Reviews

“After researching pool deck products and companies we felt that Rock Solid Imports was the right choice for our family. Their expertise, product selection and pricing was important factors in our decision. We are so happy with our decision. We love our new marble pool deck it’s beautiful and perfect for our family!”

Rick & Stacy

“We met with Rock Solid Imports in search for the right stone paver for our commercial project. With anticipated heavy foot traffic durability and function were our top priorities.  Rock Solid provided several material options with certified test reports that exceeded government and municipality performance requirements. The pavers were delivered on time and budget as promised. We ended up ordering short of materials and RSI pulled off a miracle and delivered additional material to complete the project. Project was a tremendous success, Thank you Rock Solid”

John L

Certified Test Results

RSI Paver collection exceeding commercial & residential material specifications as required by OSHA, ASTM, LEED agencies. 

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Natural Stone Pavers For Your Project

There’s no denying that natural stones are among the most attractive and prized landscaping and building materials used by property owners, builders, artisans, architects, landscape designers, and contractors. It is primarily because of their sheer beauty and decorative possibilities that natural stone pavers are used extensively in landscaping.

Our paver collection includes premium quality natural stone pavers in a wide variety of beautiful colors, sizes, patterns, and finishes making them the ideal product for front porch, patio, spa, driveway, and pool decks. Additionally, we offer color matching pool copings, wall caps, tiles and slabs, that provide a smooth cohesive look or added design element contrasting color for borders or inlays. Our collection offers function, value and timeless appeal that provide perfect setting for outdoor gatherings creating a lifetime of cherished family memories.

Rock Solid Imports natural stone pavers provide durability, real value, and timeless appeal to your outdoor living space!.